Amtrak 234: A Mystical Tale of Catastrophe, Revelation and Redemption

A fully cognitive man who appears to everyone else to be comatose wracks his broken memory in search of an explanation for his paralytic condition. An alcoholic golf course greens-keeper with a supernatural ability has the shocking answer.


1. Meet Cary Hayes. A patient in the NICU.
2. Cary Hayes has a dream
3. Meet Billy Rubin. On the golf course.
4. Billy Rubin Acquires an Amazing Gift
5. Meet Amtrak 234. Southbound to New York City.
6. Sage Shoots Mills Mansion.
7. Amtrak 234 Meets Cary Hayes.
8. Billy Rubin Rushes to the Crash Site.
9. Billy has a Vision Like No Other.
10. The Thrilling Conclusion.