Architect’s Rendition

2010 Independent Book Festival Honorable Mention recipient for Fiction.

All Gerald Pfalzgraf wanted was to be adored. That, and to possess all of his wife Morcilla’s vast fortune. Was that too much to ask for?

The founder of Pfalzgraf Associates, an exclusive Manhattan architecture firm catering to elite, wealthy clients, Gerald resents his wife’s assertion that her financial support is fundamental to the firm’s success − not because it’s false, but because it’s mostly true.

Gerald has come to resent a lot of things over the course of twenty long years of mariage to Morcilla.

He meets Wren, a beautiful, vivacious goddess half his age. Her jaw is perfect. He resolves to be with her. After obstacles to his happiness begin to pile up, Gerald tries his hand at architecting something different − a complex enterprise of mayhem. Guided by Machiavelli, his childhood hero, Gerald wields the tools of deception, manipulation and opportunism; he knows that men who seek to deceive will always find someone who will allow himself to be deceived.

Architect’s Rendition, Herb Schultz’s second novel, tells the story of an amoral man who tries to secure the life he always wanted to live by cutting a swath through a cast of misfit characters − the kind who allow themselves to be deceived.

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