Sometimes the Sun Does Shine There

Winner of the 2012 Indie Reader Discovery Award for best Short Story collection.

Finalist: 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Award

Finalist: 2011 USA Best Book Awards

Sometimes the Sun Does Shine There and Other Stories is a collection of five twisted tales of deceit, despair, decadence, derision and revenge.

The anchor story presents Larry, a stooper who picks up discarded tickets at the Off-Track Betting parlor hoping to find a winner among the detritus. He is tormented by Vic, a vicious thug who puts him in the hospital where he meets a diligent worker and closet artist named Maddie. Larry soon discovers he is not the only victim of Vic’s evil inclinations. A bizarre turn of events puts Larry in a position to rise up from the OTB floor and recover his dignity.

The other stories involve a grocery store robbery that exposes a fiend, a screenwriter on a mission who instead meets a minor character from a major motion picture, and a bratty bond trader who tries to mend a fractured relationship with his upstairs neighbor. The final story features two men who invent a device that scrambles their futures. Believing his business partner absconded with a valuable invention, the determined scientist embarks on a fruitless search which leads to his arrest for murder − thanks to the very device he invented.

Paperback Edition
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Numbered/Signed Edition

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