Trapped inside a wretched bathroom stall, two disabled veterans suffer serial atrocities as they plot an escape from their sadistic captors who challenge them to earn their freedom, and a chance to reverse their disabilities.

Confined to a wheelchair, Dick pulls his van into a 24-hour gas station after a long day of traveling, and on the recommendation of the attendant, enters the nearby restaurant for dinner. He encounters numerous violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act on his way to a table. The Waiter recommends the special: a dish called Chicken Goonya.

After finishing dinner, Dick suffers an urgent need to go to the bathroom. Unable to fit into the restaurant bathroom, the Waiter escorts him to a shuttered motel in the back which has a handicap stall. Thankfully, Dick makes it on time – barely. Relieved and ready to depart, he finds himself locked in the stall, as he has broken it off in his rush to the toilet.

Before Dick can determine an exit plan, a number of crude and vile things happen just on the other side of his stall. He makes a call for help but a sudden blackout disorients Dick and he drops his cell phone into the backed-up toilet. His attempt at retrieval is decidedly grim – and futile. He calls out for help. A fellow inmate, Arthur, replies it’s no use. Arthur has been stuck in his stall, and has no idea why. He notes that because he’s blind, he’s uncertain of the length of his forced stay.

Dick and Arthur explore theories on their predicament, and slowly establish a bond – as both were avid golfers and later veterans who acquired their injuries in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Eventually, the men devise a means of communicating without detection by the captors. Later, while Dick and Arthur sleep fitfully, the captors deliver more Chicken Goonya. The men revolt, with Dick pushing his plate back out of the stall with a pile of fresh shit upon it. The guy delivering the food sloshes bleach onto the plate and into Dick’s stall. Dick sops up the bleach with his sweater.

Dick plans to fake his death by hanging, and when someone comes for him, he’ll make a surprise attack. Dick’s weapon? A sharp piece of porcelain from the smashed the toilet tank lid. After Arthur calls out that Dick has killed himself, a guard enters wielding a power saw to cut open Dick’s locked stall. As the guard cuts, Dick hastily urinates on the sweater creating a chemical reaction of poisonous phosgene. Once the guard enters the stall, Dick overtakes him with the phosgene-soaked sweater. He stabs a second guard with the porcelain chard, and forces the gassed guard to piggyback him to Arthur’s stall. Using the saw, Dick frees Arthur, and the two make an escape. Arthur can’t see and Dick can’t run. They must collaborate to escape. The duo make their way to the restaurant where they encounter all the people who were in the restaurant that day they first stepped inside.

The chairman of a group of investors explains they are focused on research to reverse debilitating handicaps. Disturbed by the notion that these wealthy people used torture to cull disabled candidates down to a pair of worthy beneficiaries, Dick and Arthur push back on the offer to heal. But in the end, they accept.
Months later, Dick and Arthur tee it up on a golf course, completely healed and ready to get in 18.