Double Blind Test

Tracy Shepard is in the business of alternative dispute resolution − a fancy name for mediation. She is an expert in the art of negotiation, highly compensated by parties from all over the world − Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, wealthy families − locked in disagreement, burning cash on futile litigation, seeking another way out. Dubbed the “Medea of Mediation” for her drive and ambition, Tracy offers to help the owners of a small pharmaceutical lab resolve a difference between them that is holding up progress on a breakthrough drug. She is compelled to help the owners of the lab − identical twins named Fischer and Fletcher Cuttbate − because their drug is meant to cure an insidious eye disease that afflicts tens of thousands of people, including her father.

Shortly after meeting them, Tracy becomes attracted to each Cuttbate brother for different reasons: Fischer for his gallantry and business acumen, Fletcher for his artistry and vulnerability. However, in the course of her mediation efforts she discovers disturbing evidence of fraud, and soon she finds that nothing is as it seems.

Double Blind Test is a brisk story of deceit, connivance, despair, romance and sweet lex talionis.

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