Double Blind Test

After a professional mediator is conned by identical twin businessmen who sought her help to resolve a dispute, she meets another woman in a suspiciously similar circumstance, and the two team up to take down the con artists.

Watch a table read of a scene from Double Blind Test:

On her way to negotiate a settlement between two high-tech companies, Tracy Shepard, a professional mediator meets Fischer Cuttbate who is in a dispute of his own with his identical twin, Fletcher. Tracy learns that the Cuttbate brothers own a lab that is working on a drug to cure a rare eye disease – one that happens to afflict Tracy’s father. Eager to help the brothers resolve their differences and produce the drug, Tracy signs on.

Tracy meets Fletcher who reluctantly reveals that his brother might be cooking the books. Fletcher fears being swindled of the riches from the eventual sale of the drug. Tracy doesn’t know what to believe until she receives confidential financial data mistakenly sent by Fischer’s business director. Tracy advises Fletcher of the fraud when she discovers the data confirms his suspicions.

While Tracy is on the road negotiating another big corporate dispute she learns that Fletcher has called in the FBI. The company is shut down and Fischer goes on the lam. Fletcher tells Tracy a secret: he has the formula – hidden from Fischer – for a cure for the eye disease, a far superior product to the one Fischer was developing. Tracy is excited at the prospect of an actual cure, and when Fletcher indicates he needs working capital to proceed with the drug, Tracy enthusiastically invests in him.

Within the month, Tracy discovers she has been the victim of an elaborate scam. The laboratory is abandoned and Fletcher is nowhere to be found. Tracy is underwhelmed at the prowess of law enforcement so she undertakes an investigation of her own which leads back to the high-tech companies that contracted for her mediation skills. On a visit to one of the companies Tracy encounters Marilyn, an HR executive involved in a situation suspiciously similar to her own. Convinced that Marilyn is about to be scammed by the same people who conned her, Tracy enlists the help of the woman and together they serve up a spicy dish of revenge.