Culture Justly Scrutinized

Culture is represented in many forms: art, music, architecture, books, movies, television, advertising, business, fashion, cuisine, sports, technology. Even politics, and especially death. And all of it deserves scrutiny – justly, of course. This eclectic collection of more than 250 essays justly scrutinizes culture over six years beginning in 2012. Some of it virtuous, lots of it venal.

The collection delivers opinionated commentary, offers provocative thought experiments and covers topics esoteric, obscure and absurd – making Culture Justly Scrutinized a unique and valuable take on the period. Some essays will pleasantly jog the reader’s memory of items vaguely familiar and largely forgotten. Many others will introduce readers for the first time to eccentric people and fascinating incidents that went unnoticed in real-time.

With its diverse content of bite-sized essays, Culture Justly Scrutinized is the perfect book for the bedside table, or the rack next to the toilet.

Paperback Edition
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Numbered/Signed Edition

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