Ronnie and Lennie, the central characters of Herb Schultz’s first novel, are identical twins fused in the womb who join a world that is unprepared to separate them. The reason for their plight is vague and debatable, but one possibility wends its way throughout the narrative. Seemingly chained for life in a rural backwater of North Carolina, Ronnie and Lennie unexpectedly break free, but life apart is not all it’s cracked up to be. Serious trouble descends upon our heroes, and they find themselves prisoners of another kind. A case of chronic adjustment disorder compels the twins to drastic action.

Throughout the story we are introduced to a broad array of characters that influence the direction and speed Ronnie and Lennie take through life – a rudderless mother, a crazy groupie, an evil gambler, an unconventional doctor, to name just a few. RonnieandLennie is a funny, sad, vulgar story that spans decades and visits numerous venues as it chronicles the lives of twins conjoined at the chest by a rogue band of flesh.

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