Flowers on interior tent poles brighten the dining and dance spaces.

A wreath of greenery hangs from the tent poles.

A floral laden arch is a popular choice for a ceremony; here set into a barn because of rainy weather.

Simple, elegant drapery with asymmetrical florals on an arbor made of saplings does not distract from the mountain view.

Brilliant garden blooms in milk cans serve as a colorful ceremony accent.

A bucket brimming with greens and autumnal hued flowers make a perfect accent for a mountain top wedding.

Chair ceremony decor

A detail of the hanging chandelier with Italian ruscus and roses and amaranth hanging down.

Dreaming of a fairy tale wedding? This vine wrapped chuppah fits the bill.

Use a large arrangement on a circular table for your name place cards.

The woodlands invade an outdoor dining space for a rehearsal dinner for 50.

A rustic arbor is adorned with a mass of deep blue delphiniums.

Drama and romance in the wild. Fabric drapings cinched by beflowered wreathes with a hanging chandelier.

Drapery around tent poles held back with a grapevine wreath with floral accents hide the utilitarian aspects of a tent wedding.

Ferns with snapdragons, Canterbury bells and wax flower line the aisle of an outdoor setting.

Lush greens, vines and flowers make a focal point of an at-home or venue’s fireplace mantle.

A hefty garland of greenery announces the entrance to the wedding venue.

A tepee constructed of saplings is a unique approach for a bohemian wedding ceremony.

A portion of a garland of greens, sunflowers, roses and hanging amaranth decorates an amazing existing arbor of wisteria and grape vines.

Logs with simple vintage bottles and select flowers line the aisle leading to a chandelier lit site.

A curtain suspended in the outdoors tied back with a floral wreath serves as a background for a ceremony setting.

If you are thinking of using a sign for your guests seating assignments, consider a garland draping across the top to call attention and add some personality.

Flowers dress the aisle of this small, theater cum ceremony location.

Beribboned and bedazzling… Lengths of colored ribbon drape from the floral arrangements and encircle the covered outdoor venue.