A circle of blue cornflowers and delphinium with orange ranunculas and daisy like chamomile for a country wedding.

Not a full crown but a showstopper nonetheless. Wear it with a veil or with hair upswept over the ribbon wrapped wire.

Such delight when allowed to try on her very special rose floral crown.

Greenery gives a flowing, carefree look to this wreath studded with hypericum and wax flower.

Blush roses and wax flower make a lovely, soft romantic bridal crown.

A single ranuncula is the focus of this head wreath of greens and hypericum berries and pink wax flower.

Fresh flowers added to a hair comb makes a perfect accent for upswept hair.

An array of select flowers for the bride and her bridesmaids. Each can choose how many or how few they want.

Bridesmaids wear wreathes of leaves dotted with white flowers.

Simple wax flower clusters make up this delicate circle.

Go all out with a colorful mass of flowers- peonies, clematis, roses, sweet peas, phlox and wax flower.

Delicate pink wax flower in a minimalist floral crown.